Seth Hurwitz speaks on court loss to Live Nation, vows to appeal

Seth Hurwitz of I.M.P., Merriweather Post Pavilion, and the 9:30 Club has issued a statement to City Paper responding to the court decision against I.M.P. in its antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation, and is promising to appeal the decision.

"So here’s the deal on this whole thing," Hurwitz states, "the ruling was supposed to be about whether or not there was enough of a case to go to trial. Plain and simple. And they successfully drew the judge into trying the case before that. So I have to give them that.

"But that’s not how it’s supposed to go down, and we are appealing on that basis. We are asking for a ruling that this is supposed to go to trial.

"While I am certainly known as a dog that just will not let go of a piece of meat, the fact is that I am the last one to want to be in denial on something like this. I prefer to get over defeats and put them behind me as soon as I can.

"I don’t believe that legally we have been allowed to have the fight we are entitled to, and we are going to fight to have that opportunity. If we get beat on that, then I suppose I might have to admit defeat. Maybe.”

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