Scouting for Huge Arm Penises: A preview of City Paper's sex issue

Tomorrow you'll be seeing our third annual Sex Issue in the big yellow boxes or wherever you pick up your print edition of the City Paper. We've been hard at work designing it, trying to figure out how a block of text could be appear "sexual" and downloading fonts with letters made out of condoms.

An interesting nuance of this year's Sex Issue is that the subjects of nearly every one of our feature articles tell us that they have, at one time or another, been students of Marxism. So we thought we would be remiss if we didn't incorporate some kind of Marxist design elements into the layout. So far we've recreated the well-known hammer and sickle with a dildo instead of a hammer, and stars that look like buttholes. So, it seemed fitting to use a latex-rubber fisting arm to represent the "fist of victory" seen in a lot of propaganda artwork.

Google image search eventually landed us on this shiny pink beauty:



...which was also referenced as "Sweety Lover"


But as anyone in the publishing industry is aware, it is a big no-no to reprint images you find on Google, especially if you aren't going to credit the source. 

So we traced the big pink fuck arm back to an online retailer of wholesale sex toys in China, called

We were never actually able to locate the product on the site. So normally we would have given up and moved on, but what kept us there was the company logo, which seemed strangely familiar:


For your reference, here is the Girl Scouts of America logo:


Now we're just trying to figure out: Who stole it from whom? Or maybe one owns the other? Should we expect parents to start hawking sex toys for their kids at the office instead of cookies? Thin-mint-flavored lube might be pretty good, actually; put me down for eight boxes.

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