Peroutka's win in Anne Arundel County: Voters were warned

If any of the 15,531 voters in Anne Arundel County's Fifth Councilmanic District who voted for the GOP's Michael Anthony Peroutka end up surprised when he tries to codify his theocratic, secessionist, creationist vision on the county, well, they've been forewarned for a decade. Given the widespread coverage Peroutka's candidacy commanded—much of which reported not only his white-supremacist ties, but also his long history of strident antipathy to the Republican Party—one can only imagine his victory on Tuesday over young Democrat Patrick Armstrong, who lost with 13,638 votes, was a case of many voters making their choices out of blind, uninformed partisanship.

That tendency was also evident in the county's sheriff’s race, in which Peroutka acolyte Joseph James Delimater III—who, like Peroutka, believes public officials must resist implementing laws they believe conflict with God's laws and sees the function of civil government as only to obey God and enforce God's laws—got 74,142 votes across the county, only about 15,000 less than victor Ron Bateman, the Democratic incumbent. It'll be interesting to see how far Peroutka's long-sought–and-now-successful­ efforts to sell his extremism as mainstream will go, now that he's part of the GOP establishment in Maryland. And let's not forget, Peroutka was an early and ardent militia-movement supporter and, when pressed, would not rule out the use of armed violence to overthrow a government he sees as illegitimate.

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