More movement on the Hennessy Heist; 11 more bottles of stolen hooch found

In yet another crack in the Hennessy Heist, state comptroller agents issued a summons to the proprietor of Apple Tree Liquors at 4159 Patterson Ave. on Aug. 1 after they found 11 more bottles of the stolen hooch in the store.

Mirroring the charges leveled last month against Sanjiv Suri, Dowon Yi is charged with theft under $1,000, buying liquor from an unlicensed wholesaler, failure to keep accurate records, and the head shot: failure to pay the state tax on those 11 bottles.

As we reported, that tax charge carries a possible five-year prison term and $10,000 fine. (Suri prayed a jury trial which is currently scheduled for Sept. 9.)

The booze in both cases has been tied to a truck-load of Hennessy—worth more than half a million dollars—that was boosted from a Hale Transport yard at 7020 Quad Ave. in Rosedale on March 16.

Yi's trial is currently scheduled for Sept. 12.

Keeping count now, that makes 62 bottles of Hennessy seized and accounted for. At 12 bottles per case, that means there are only 25,642 stolen 375-mL bottles of Hennessy still at large.

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