Maryland Republicans name first finance director since Bush administration

Maryland Republicans name new finance director. She's 25 years old; once got 30,000 people to a Romney rally

Maryland's Republican Party has hired its first finance director in seven years, according to this Sun piece by Erin Cox. (The announcement came a few days ago.) The job goes to Margot Crouch, who graduated from Michigan State in 2010 with a B.A. in international studies and French, interned for Republican politicians and at the Heritage Foundation (where she took a job as an administrative assistant upon graduation), and then quickly moved on to become deputy finance director for the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

Her thing is building the donor base—and entertaining the people with big, media-friendly events, apparently. In Pennsylvania she also contributed regularly to the party newsletter, PA Republican, in which she described in December 2012 what it was like to plan and manage a 30,000-person Romney rally: "The Event Turn-Out (ETO) process starts with putting together the ETO package of a flyer for e-mails, scripts for auto-dials, and determining what counties we would drop those in. After we have an approved flyer the political team also reaches out to the county leadership and grass-roots activists to get in touch with as many people as possible. With this event we also had advertisements go out in the newspapers as well as had flyers and tickets available at the Victory Offices."

So there you have it: in political party speak, "finance director" = "party planner" + "crowd wrangler" + "donor-minder." Good luck, Ms. Crouch. Then again: You got 30,000 people to pack into a stadium and cheer for Mitt Romney? Skillz.

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