Grand Cru owner Nelson Carey dies of a heart attack

Nelson Carey, the owner of the Grand Cru bar in Belvedere Square died of a heart attack last night. He was 50 years old.

According to City Paper contributor Charlie Vascellaro, who works at Grand Cru, Carey's wife called the bar last night to tell employees that Carey wasn't feeling well and she was taking him to the hospital. This morning, employees got word that he died overnight.

Carey and his wife Christy have a daughter, Paige, who recently moved to Brooklyn for college. Vascellaro says that for employees at Grand Cru, losing Carey is like losing a family member.

"He was the kindest and most generous man I ever met, in spirit, in time, in money—everything" Vascellaro says. "He created such a family atmosphere among the employees that no one ever wanted to leave."


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