Cyclist-killing Baltimore bishop in November preached about driving responsibly and facing consequences

Heather Cook, the Episcopal bishop who on Dec. 27 reportedly crashed into cyclist Thomas Palermo in Roland Park, killing him, and left the scene before later returning, preached a sermon (below) called "Be Prepared" on Nov. 13 at All Saints' Church in Reisterstown. In it, she had this to say about driving responsibly and facing consequences:

"If we routinely drive 55 in a 30 mile-an-hour zone, we won’t be able to stop on a dime if driving conditions get dangerous or if an animal or, God forbid, a human being should step out in front of us. Things happen suddenly, and we’re either prepared in the moment or not, and we face the consequences. We can’t go back. We can’t do it over. In real life, there are no instant replays. I think this is something of a hard message to give to you today. My perception is that we live in the midst of a culture that doesn’t like to hold us accountable for consequences, that somehow everybody gets a free pass all the time. Well, we do in terms of God’s love and forgiveness, but we don’t in many of the things that happen, and it is up to us to be responsible."

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