Cut Ray Rice Now

As you've probably seen/heard by now, TMZ posted the previously unreleased video from inside the elevator where your Baltimore Raven Ray Rice knocked his then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer unconscious, and then, perhaps even more disturbingly, showed no signs of regret or concern as he walked around her motionlessly body, occasionally, half-heartedly trying to manhandle her out of the space.

Atlantic City police initially charged Rice with a misdemeanor and he ultimately ended up with charges being dropped in exchange for entering a "diversion program." NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Rice for two games, less than others have gotten for, say, smoking a joint. There are conflicting reports, but it seems likely that Goodell had seen this awful video before making his decision, making the wrist-slap all the more offensive. (UPDATE: as of 10:11 this morning, the NFL released a statement saying they hadn't seen this video.) The Ravens, meanwhile, seem to have taken a shameful "leaving it up to the authorities" approach, which has made it hard to be a fan of the team, let alone Rice, going into the 2014 season.

If the team has any hope of winning back any fans, they should do the right thing. They should cut Ray Rice from the team. Pro football already has earned a reputation for being connected with spousal abuse. The Ravens could set an example that this kind of behavior can't be tolerated. It's more important than football. Cut Ray Rice.

UPDATE: Ravens Terminate Ray Rice's Contract

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