O'Malley's Reddit appearance goes about as well as expected

[caption id="attachment_21523" align="alignleft" width="300"] O'Malley's AMA: Not pretty[/caption]Governor Martin O'Malley followed the well-trod path to Presidential Viability this morning with an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on the highly-relevant web discussion site Reddit. As anyone might have predicted:1. Negative comments outnumber positive by a wide margin (in the early going, anyway)2. Politician boilerplate outnumbers human answers by about the same margin3. Libertainianesque obsessives outnumber sane people by about the same marginHere are the highlights, as far as I'm concerned:

O'Malley Answers with most down votes: redistricting, gas tax & guns

[–]GovMartinOMalley[S] -11 points an hour agoYes, I am okay with the map. Yes, I could support non-partisan redistricting if every other state does it.[–]GovMartinOMalley[S] -15 points 2 hours agoWe did not raid the transportation trust fund. The flat tax on gas had not been raised since 1992. We couldn't let our bridges crumble and fall. We chose to rebuild our infrastructure and thereby create 57,000 jobs in the next 6 years.[–]GovMartinOMalley[S] -19 points 2 hours agoWe decided to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation, including an assault weapons ban and universal background checks, in order to save lives. Together with law enforcement, we have driven violent crime in Maryland down to 30 year lows and on a year-to-date basis, we have driven homicides down by 18%. We are not done. In our state there is no such thing as a spare American.

And Positive: Pot; schools

[–]GovMartinOMalley[S] 27 points 2 hours agoI signed decriminalization for small amounts of possession this year, signed medical marijuana last year, and another medical marijuana bill this year. I believe it's best for Maryland to learn from experiments underway in Colorado and Washington and to be guided according to whether more good than harm is done.[–]GovMartinOMalley[S] 17 points 2 hours agoFirst of all, we now have the #1 rated schools in the country, have done more than any other state to hold down the cost of college, and we continue to exercise the fiscal discipline necessary to sustain these investments while also keeping a triple A bond rating.My administration inherited a 1.7 billion dollar deficit. So the vast majority of tough fiscal decisions -- a combination of cuts and revenue measures -- were actually made before the recession hit. each decision was unpopular singularly, but together they were the tough choices necessary to give our children a future with more opportunity rather than less. We have achieved the second best rate of new job growth in our region since the recessionary low, the highest median income of any state in the country, and we pay the third lowest taxes as percentage of income of any state in the union.And yes, we legalized gaming, saved horse racing and made record increased investments in education every year of our Administration.

Funniest Redditor comments

[–]uscmissinglink 31 points an hour agoAnd somewhere the intern with a reddit account who came up with this idea is hiding under a desk.[–]jago81 35 points an hour agoYou can't ask questions like this. It should be "Mr. Governor, why are you so awesome as a politician?"–]JusticeLawOrder 4 points 19 minutes agoYes, many people live in Virginia instead, so northern virginia is booming.Meanwhile everyone avoids living or driving to Maryland for lack of gun rights, more taxes, and speedtraps/autocratic police. You can have a permit in Virginia and Maryland doesn't give a damn.I'm sure glad at least all their police, strict laws, and gun control helped stop Baltimore violent crime--oh wait a second.... gangsters buy illegally anyway; they don't apply for a permit; and violent crime continues in Maryland.[–]jzthree 6 points an hour agoThe question to answer ratio is too damn high.

Best unanswered questions

Thanks for doing an AMA. Just one question: How does the Maryland healthcare exchange, which cost taxpayers $90 million to implement before your administration found that it would be cheaper (at an additional $40-50 million) to just replace it than to fix it, show that your Administration has been effectively using taxpayer dollars to better the lives of individual citizens?As Governor of MD, you instituted a new alcohol tax, the rain tax, and countless others. What new taxes do you have planned if you get elected POTUS?In a recent poll 47% of Marylanders said they would leave the state if they could - why do you think that is?

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