Your hurricane soundtrack is here: download this new interactive app from Matmos

Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt of Matmos recently spent a week at Chalkwell Park in Westcliff, England, sampling the sounds of the peoples, animals, and things for a GPS-oriented app that triggers the music as you walk around the confines of the park. "Sounds include peacocks, skateboarding, fences, a playground and a pond."

Chances are you're not planning on going to England anytime soon, but fear not: There's a button that lets users listen to the 30 minutes of music.

So as the rain pours and the winds howl over the next days, put on a pair of headphones, close your eyes, and listen to the serene sounds of a calm, summer day. If that doesn't work out, wait a few days for the weather to clear, find a nice perch in the city, and repeat the steps above.

Download the app, made available by MetalCulture, here.

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