Young Moose drops Freddie Gray anthem 'No SunShine'

Yesterday, local rappers Young Moose and Martina Lynch released a powerful song and video, 'No SunShine,' addressing the death of Freddie Gray and ensuing unrest. It opens with a snippet of Bill Withers' classic lament, 'Ain't No Sunshine,' with video of a man who's standing at Pennsylvania and North avenues during the unrest wearing a "Fuck the Police" T-shirt being doused with mace then pulled to the ground by his dreadlocks and arrested. That's followed by a clip of Officer Vincent Cosom pummeling a man at a bus stop last June (Cosom was recently sentenced to six months in jail). It continues with images of Freddie Gray and the unrest mixed with Moose and Lynch's rhymes, along with a cameo from SRB ("I wanna know why the mayor keeps on duckin' us out"). Moose: "When we gonna wake up and realize it's real/ They did the same thing to Rodney King and Emmett Till."

Moose, whose real name is Kevron Evans, has had his own issues with the police, including an ongoing dispute with Det. Daniel Hersl.

Also released this week, Jay Verze's more mellow reflection on recent events, 'Conversations,' featuring Maryland Lavon.

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