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Wye Oak releases new eight-song collection 'Tween'

Back in March, Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner teased the idea that fans would be able to hear new songs sooner rather than later. Today, the duo released "Tween," an eight-song odds-and-ends collection of tracks that were written between 2011's "Civilian" and 2014's "Shriek."

In a press release, Wasner and Andy Stack say the songs are "not emblematic of a step forward, but a step sideways in time”—another of way of saying this isn't a proper fifth album, which the release says will happen in the near future.

There's a lot to like though, as evidenced by the rollicking 'Watching the Waiting,' for which the band released a music video. Watch that and stream "Tween" below. Wye Oak is set to play a sold-out Ottobar on June 23.

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