Wye Oak playing the Ottobar in June

The members of Wye Oak may both live outside Baltimore now—Jenn Wasner is in North Carolina and Andy Stack is in Texas—but they are, of course, a band that's deeply rooted in the city, which is why it's cool that they will be "return[ing]" for an Ottobar show on June 23.

In an interview with music blog Stereogum at SXSW, Wasner hinted that the band is working on new material, and that "everything is on the table."

"It's hard to say what these new songs are like because, as it's always sort of been, it's going to be a bit of a grab-bag," she said.

This prompted the interviewer to ask, "When do you think we might hear this grab-bag of a new album?"

Wasner: "It might be sooner than you think."

Tickets are on sale Friday "44/1"—we're guessing that's April 1—through MissionTix.

Watch the band cover the Pat Benatar song 'We Belong' for the A.V. Club here.

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