WTMD announces 70th birthday tribute to Divine

Oct. 19 would be the 70th birthday of Glenn Milstead, aka the actor and musician Divine, who died in 1988. Best known for roles in many of John Waters' early films, Divine also had a long career as a disco singer.

Local radio station WTMD is paying tribue with an Oct. 16 show in which local actors and musicians will perform some of Divine's best-known work. Actors Cricket Arrison and Melissa LaMartina and members of Single Carrot Theatre and Iron Crow Theatre will re-enact some of Divine's most memorable scenes, and Bobby E. Lee and the Sympathizers, Pure Junk, Sweepstakes, Cowabunga Pizza Time, and Ellen Degenerate (CP contributor Michael Farley) will provide the music. Psychic Sandi Athey will attempt to reach Divine in the afterlife.

While everyone can tune in to hear the show broadcast, only a limited number of tickets are available to see it live in WTMD's Towson studio. The show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $15 and are for sale here

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