UPDATED: Whoa, Beach House is playing a surprise show at the Ottobar THIS Saturday AND releasing a new album

Beach House just tweeted they will be playing a show at the Ottobar this Saturday. Oh shit! It's pretty rare to see them in a space that small these days.

Tickets cost $22 and go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. through MissionTix. Better jump on that Friday morning, because it won't last.

UPDATE: It seems likely attendees will be hearing some new songs. About 4:45 p.m. today, the duo announced they'll be releasing a new album, "Thank Your Lucky Stars," on Oct. 16.

"We are very excited, it's an album being released the way we want," they said in a tweet. "It's not a companion to 'Depression Cherry' or a surprise or b-sides."

The band went on to tweet: "Just becuz we didn't send the record to press 6 months before its release does not make it a surprise, fans/press hear it at the same time. We only wanted to release a record In a new way after doing it one way for so long, not a dis or manifesto of any kind, just experimentin'."

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