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Watch the video for The Holy Circle's 'Early Morning'

When we first wrote about The Holy Circle, Terence Hannum's musical project with his wife, Erica Burgner-Hannum, in 2015, we marveled at how much shit Hannum gets done as a professor, visual artist, and member of Locrian. And that hasn't changed, as you saw in last week's issue of City Paper when we reviewed his new book.

And now we learn that The Holy Circle, which now includes social media theorist Nathan Jurgenson playing drums, has put out a four-song self-titled cassette via Accidental Guest Recordings. For a little taste, check out the video for 'Early Morning,' a droning synth track with rich, dreamy vocals courtesy of Burgner-Hannum. The video is nothing more than a pair of older hands gutting a fish! Mmm mmm mmm.

The Holy Circle is already back in the studio, working on an album with producer J. Robbins that is due out in the winter.

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