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Watch the video for Natural Velvet's song 'Crash'

After tapping Chris LaMartina to helm the video for 'Fruits,' Natural Velvet has again brought the horror-movie director back for the visual accompaniment to its song 'Crash,' this time as editor. But this video, directed by Nick Baldwin, still has plenty of quick cuts, splashy colors, and camp.

In it, bassist and singer Corynne Ostermann stumbles upon a fancy party where she is followed by a spooky bearded doppelganger (drag performer Klitorika Browne). The band is performing on stage, with all the members dressed in suits. Discussing 'Crash' with Impose Magazine, where it premiered, the band says the video touches on some of the ideas of femme identity and gender performance.

"What makes femininity in the public sphere read so 'soft'? Can femininity be something that is aggressive? Where does femininity and performance lie, in regards to being an artist, both in and out of the public sphere? ('Bedroom politics' via riot grrrl, etc). We're consistently thinking about these things, being femme identified and interacting with it/removed from it always."

The band's new album, "She Is Me," is out now via Friends Records. Stream 'Crash' below:

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