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Watch the video for ElON's 'Transitions'

R&B futurist ElON (sometimes styled :3LON) is one of the more interesting figures in the city's music scene. The murky beats on his songs sound otherworldly, and then he drops this Stevie Wonder-esque croon on top, making danceable pop that feels like it's from some distant future. Or, in the case of 'Transitions,' the video for which you can watch below, his voice sounds like an alien channeling Stevie Wonder on helium.

Yesterday, ElON and rapper Butch Dawson got a shout-out in a Fader article about "African and Afrodiasporic artists [who] are choosing to disseminate music in solidarity." But really, the only thing you need to know about this video is it features ElON wandering through the woods in an old Eric Clapton shirt and dirt-biker pants smoking a joint.

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