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Watch the new lyric video for Lower Dens songs 'Company' and 'Société Anonyme'

Lower Dens is still on the road in support of this year's "Escape From Evil," and from the sound of it, the shows have been some of the most rewarding of the band's career.

"Touring this album, 'Escape From Evil,' we found ourselves overwhelmed by the response from the audience to these shows," says lead singer Jana Hunter in a press release, noting that the members of Lower Dens have been playing in bands most of their lives. "It has been very much unlike any of our previous experiences playing live music."

The four-piece decided they wanted to document this, and the result is a live lyric video for two "Escape From Evil" songs, 'Company' and 'Société Anonyme,' which the band have been playing back-to-back on tour.

"Both of these songs deal with living in society that's all artifice, wherein we're all monitored and kept numb, and for whatever these always end up being two of the most intense songs of each show," writes Hunter. You can see the intensity in her performance, filmed at Pehrspace in Los Angeles. You can download the live audio for free here.

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