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Watch the narrative-shifting short film 'Ethereal'

During the uprising in April, national TV cameras swept in to show protests and riots and then moved on to the next story once things here quieted down. But those images and soundbites still inform a lot of people's views of Baltimore.

New short film "Ethereal," directed by Vesica P., the filmmaking team of CP contributor Keem Griffey and Kyle Yearwood, flips that narrative on its head, showing loving images of the city and its people. Audio clips of national newscasts from the uprising play as two young girls ascend the steps of a Baltimore rowhome to put on bright white ballerina outfits. The pair then leap, pirouette, and perform choreographed routines downtown, at North and Pennsylvania avenues, and in front of a mural dedicated to Freddie Gray, all of it set to the Matthew Herbert song featuring Ellie Goulding, 'A Day At A Time.' The two young girls, Cidney and Iyana, are members of Fearless Dance Empire.

It's a video that's simple, yet incredibly beautiful, and certainly worth the nearly five minutes. Watch it below.

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