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Watch Butch Dawson's video for 'To A 10'

I'm still getting caught up on emails from around the holidays, and somewhere in that stack was a link to the new(ish?) video for rapper Butch Dawson's song 'To A 10.' The concept is simple enough: Dawson enters an empty movie theater screening the anime film "Fist of the North Star" and raps with his back to the screen, the animated images cast over him. At other points, he's seated, or somewhere near the back, with the animated characters and bright colors of the movie dancing around him.

Not Earth-moving, but it's still a sleek, visual accompaniment to the basement rapper's flowing verses set over a buzzing darkwave beat, and it's interesting to contrast it with the grim black-and-white of an earlier video Dawson worked on (under the name Jujuan Allen) for 'Carcass.' Stream it below.

In more up-to-date Butch Dawson news, here's a stream of the recently released Ryan Proficient song 'No Trading Cards,' on which Dawson and BOO Radley appear. The Basement Rap crew is already off and running in 2016.

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