True '90s kids will love this year's Artscape lineup

With everything from the Clinton Years being mined for memes and other clickable #content, reunion tours, pop culture reboots, and quite possibly another Clinton in the White House, it's only fitting for Artscape to get in on the 1990s nostalgia trip.

And boy did Baltimore's multi-day outdoor arts festival deliver the goods, bringing Haitian rapper/singer-songwriter Wyclef Jean and third-wave ska group the Mighty Mighty Bosstones to headline this year's musical schedule.

Remember the Fugees? Remember when ska was a thing for a minute there in the middle of the decade? Remember 'Gone Till November'?

While this year's theme is a future-looking nod to space, with the tagline "Explore What's Out There," the font looks like a cheap rip-off of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" or, at the very least, the logo for an old Macintosh game about space exploration.

The music will also look a little further back with bands playing David Bowie songs, in Bmore Does Bowie, and a Prince dance party called "Party Like It's 1999 Again."

Reggae act Burning Spear rounds out the headliners announced today. Artscape runs from July 15-17.

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