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Tommy Wiseau's baffling, compelling, misogynist melodrama "The Room" screens at The Senator tonight

Two City Paper Weed issues ago, a few staffers got together and watched, "The Room," Tommy Wiseau's baffling, compelling, misogynist, ridiculous melodrama about a couple whose relationship hits a wall after one of them begins an affair. If you're familiar with the movie, then you know that plot summary doesn't do this movie justice because what makes it so, well whatever it is, is in the details: That the dialogue is written by someone who seemingly has no idea how normal people talk and argue or just hang out; that Wiseau, star, writer, and director, is a void of charisma and as CP's Rebekah Kirkman observed, "lounges lethargically, like an old cat" for lot of the movie; that in its off-ness it locates what I called the "bucolic surrealism of basic white middle American life." I could go on and on but you really have to see this movie that is kind of "evil Full House." It’s playing at the Senator Theatre the day before 4/20, though I encourage you to pretend it 4/20 already and enhance this slow, strange movie. And the chance to see it on the big screen is cool—most of us caught it at a friend's house on their shitty TV or on a murky YouTube stream, I imagine. 9:30 p.m., The Senator Theatre, 5904 York Road, (410) 323-4424,, $10.

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