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The Soft Pink Truth releases new album 'Why Pay More?'

The Soft Pink Truth, a house music side project of Matmos member Drew Daniel and City Paper's Best Thing Ever in 2014, is back with a new album, "Why Pay More?" which you can listen to right now.

Though this time he's not subverting black metal's hateful side and turning it into dance anthems. As Daniel explains on Bandcamp, this batch of songs began eight years ago as an experiment of compiling samples from YouTube searches. He abandoned the album as he got busy with academia work—Daniel is an associate professor in English at Johns Hopkins—and Matmos, and when a clip vent viral "in which teenage kids beat up a homeless person while filming it and joking about putting the footage on YouTube," he writes.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday this year, he fired up an old computer and decided to finish the 8-year-old songs.

Daniel writes, "The result is the first four songs on this album, which are 100 percent web-audio based compositions: 'Are You Looking?' combines the results for the words “Step” and “Looking”, 'Acapella' and 'Awesome' are self-explanatory... In order to round this out into an album of coherent SPT material from the same era, I gathered together some unreleased tracks which were left stranded when SPT became for all intents and purposes a cover band. In some cases, I have adjusted these tracks and added new layers, and in some cases they have been left as is. 'Why Pay More?' was originally created for a performance at Whartscape in 2009 in which audience members had to guess the track’s bpm in order to win a prize (a life size bust of Master Chief from the video game Halo); it has been re-edited for this release. 'What’s A Computer?' and 'I Love Your Ass' are refugees from the era of the "Do You Want New Wave?” album and are left untouched; 'Fire Island of the Mind' dates from the beginning of the Soft Pink Truth project, but has been remixed."

Stream the whole thing here:

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