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"The Marc Steiner Show" on WEAA ends on July 31; announces work on documentary, podcast, more

City Paper

As first reported by the Baltimore Sun, WEAA's "The Marc Steiner Show," which has been on the air in some form for 24 years and is a friend to City Paper, will be going off the air at the end of July.

In a statement to City Paper, Steiner acknowledged his long relationship with CP, which began in 1993 and has involved many CP writers and editors being guests on the show and as of late, Steiner's Center For Emerging Media's involvement in CP Editor-at-Large Baynard Woods' Democracy In Crisis podcast.

"We have a had a very special relationship with the City Paper since the inception of the Marc Steiner Show in 1993 when we had our first ad in the Paper in exchange for an underwriting mention on the air. Now, we are ending our daily show after 24 years," Steiner said. "We have many projects in the works that we are excited about. A confluence of events made this the best time. We will continue our media work committed to a just and equitable world."

In a press release put out by Steiner's Center For Emerging Media (CEM), it notes the many new projects that Steiner and CEM are working including a podcast project with PBS' Tavis Smiley and a documentary about Martin Luther King's barber, Nelson Malden, which is being shot by Hans Charles who shot "The 13th."

There is no way for me to be objective here but long before I've got to know Steiner and others at CEM, I was a big fan of the show and it has undoubtedly informed the political worldview of many Baltimoreans' such as myself. He was instrumental in making our WYPR a compelling station and it has been mostly tedious to entirely snooze-worthy local programming since Steiner left in 2008 and moved over to WEAA.

In 2014, "The Marc Steiner Show" on WEAA was called the “Most Valuable Radio Program” by The Nation. For those unfamiliar with Steiner, check out the archives and in particular, I would point readers to Stefanie Mavronis' two-hour radio special, "Voices of the DOJ Report & The Intersections Of Race, Gender, Sexuality and Policing."

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