Stream the new Al Rogers Jr. single 'BlueGreen'

With lush production and more singing than rapping, 'BlueGreen,' the new single from local MC Al Rogers Jr., feels as much Frank Ocean-esque electro-R&B as it does hip-hop. Part of the yet-to-drop sophomore release "BABYAL," the song boasts inward-looking verses from Rogers Jr., revealing his own past doubts, and a life-affirming hook that declares "only you can be you."

In an email, Rogers Jr. explained the inspiration behind the song's title and lyrics: "The sky is blue and grass is green these things are naturally that way, so it's an analogy for everyone to just do what comes natural, never force yourself to be like anyone else. Individuality feels like such a distant concept, I just want to assist everyone who needs help finding that part of themselves they may have lost."

Stream 'BlueGreen' below:

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