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Sidebar to host Brendan Foster Fieldhouse memorial party tonight

It was a huge blow to City Paper's creative team when photographer Brendan Foster Fieldhouse died last month at the age of 34. Tomorrow, The Sidebar is holding a memorial and print sale with benefits going to his Fieldhouse's mother. 

The photos chosen to hang at the event were chosen by Fieldhouse himself as part of his entry to City Paper's annual 2016 Year in Photos choices. 

His impact on the scene goes without question. "For me, his work was empowering," said Jerrod Bronson, lead singer of the band Gateway to Hell, in an interview with City Paper last month "It's one thing to be onstage and to entertain, to emote. But what I saw from his lens was something that I had never seen before in myself: power [and] passion. He was there in the very early days of Gateway to Hell, and I definitely see the evolution of us through his art. He helped give me the confidence that I needed, but to him, it was just friends hanging out and having fun. Fuck. I wish I told him that."

Food will be on hand and a door donation is recommended. DJs Pancakes and Sad Mountain will play sets starting at 4 p.m. 

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