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Remembering WJZ's mid-'80s report on The Cure

Legendary English sad-sack rock band The Cure is headlining Merriweather Post Pavilion tonight, which is as good a reason as any to direct your eyes toward this WJZ report from the mid-1980s on the band.

Really, it's more like a trend story on goths, with much of the reportage being about fashion. There's a lot to parse through here, but first, watch this beautiful relic.

First thing's first: The reporter here is a young Denise Koch, the legendary anchor—and, in fact, our Best Anchor in 2015.

Let us marvel at then-anchor Jerry Turner amusedly praising Koch for surviving such a treacherous assignment. Damn kids and their spiked hair and black eyeliner!

Koch's overdub as the camera pans the Merriweather crowd: "The dominant color: black. It was on the eyes, in the hair, and draped around the body." She then talks to dudes who look and talk like goth-bro hybrids.

Incredibly, a freshly shorn Robert Smith sat down with Baltimore's local CBS affiliate for an interview, in which he said he hopes the Cure's fans adopt the band's attitude rather than the group's look. What's that attitude, exactly? "Eh, just sort of a disregard, I suppose—a general disrespect for the most staid things in life."

And then there's this gem. Koch: "I'm going to ask you a really square question now. What do your parents think of the way you dress?"

Group of four high school girls from Vienna, Virginia: "They hate it!"

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