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Premiere: Watch the video for Other Colors' 'You Know the One'

Among the long list of releases due out this summer and fall on Friends Records is "Natural Motion," the latest album from local indie pop act Other Colors. It's the group's second LP and first release since the 2014 single 'An Illusion / From the First Note.'

Here we've got the premiere of the music video for 'You Know the One,' the first single off "Natural Motion." It's a pretty simple concept, really: Members of the band and friends wearing floral prints and riding through New Orleans on bikes with streamers on the handles during what looks to be a nice, temperate night. In truth, that's an apt visual for this track, which glides along at a nice pace, with its jangly guitars and ethereal vocals having all the comfort of a gentle breeze that brushes your hair back.

Other Colors will be playing a release show at Current Space this Friday, along with Moss of Aura, Chiffon, and Shinji. The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets are $8-$10.

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