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Premiere: Watch Super City's video for 'Artificial Sin'

Not long ago, I had one of those musical moments that can only happen when you combine the very specific anxiety of driving a car on the highway and listening to the radio where you know, you have no control over what the station plays which means you're quite open to whatever comes at you. So yeah, I was driving back into Baltimore and WTMD was playing a live in-studio version of Super City's 'The Weekend,' a loose but proggy piece of indie pop full of Dismemberment Plan-ish longing and it just really got to me and/or emotionally wrecked me in a good way. So thank you for that Super City—that's pretty much all I'm looking for in a song.

And thanks Super City for this playful video for new single, 'Artificial Sin,' which sets this blue-eyed slow jam (imagine say, This Heat in 'Health And Efficiency' mode meets Maxwell) to some coy choreography featuring the band in all white and others grooving around them wearing black. Look closely and you'll see some faces you've seen before including, Paul Hutson from Bond St. District, Marian McLaughlin, Kelci from Citrine, Britt and Melissa from Outcalls, Afia from Daikon Daikon, and Melody Easton from $100 Girlfriend.

The video premiered at Super City's Ottobar show last night and arrives in conjunction with a limited cassette release. Check out of the video for 'Artificial Sin' below.

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