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Premiere: Watch 'Etherealistic,' sequel to last year's 'Ethereal' by Vesica P

Last fall, Vesica P., the filmmaking duo of CP contributor Keem Griffey and Kyle Yearwood, released an experimental floaty kind of short film titled "Ethereal," mixing celebratory images of Baltimore (its rowhomes, its dirt bike culture, its residents), news footage of the Baltimore Uprising, and two young girls dancing, ballerina-style (Cidney and Iyana, members of Fearless Dance Empire) around the city. We called it "simple, yet incredibly beautiful."

Now Vesica P have released a related short, "Etherealistic: The Movie," a prequel (it begin with a card that says, "Many 'years' before Ethereal") and sequel of sorts, and City Paper is proud to premiere it. It is best described as kind of religious sci-fi origin story mixing a spiritual conceit with the drifting style of "Ethereal," loose neorealism, and some social commentary (it begins with young dancers watching Marilyn Mosby announce that the charges for the final officers charged with Freddie Gray's death have been dropped). You can watch "Etherealistic: The Movie" below and read a statement from the filmmakers.

"Growing up in the contrast of Baltimore, many have been conditioned to see the darkness more than the light. Because of this, we feel we have been so blinded. Not realizing that the answer has always been in front of us. It has been forever known that the children have seen the world from a unconditional perspective. Unconditional love is a tool that has been long forgotten. The tools we can use to change ourselves are the same tools we can use to change the world. This 'etherealistic' dance reminds us of this lost knowledge. Despite all the negativity and despair that has grown, it is time to return to the roots of our divine perfection. A great man once said, "bring on the children. Imitate the children. Not child-ish but child-like". Sometimes the answers are more simple than we think."-Vesica P

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