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Premiere: Sneaks release video for single 'Features'

After releasing a video for 'D.A.M.B.' nearly a year ago, electro-rockers The Sneaks are back with a video for 'Features,' a reworked version of a song they put out late last year.

While it may not feature lots of selfies from local scenesters, the clip has lots of Rorschach test-like imagery and kaleidoscopic visuals, hitting all the right trippy notes. That feels pretty appropriate for the single, which feels spacey while still being able to beckon a crowd onto the dance floor. And hey, it looks like singer Jay Lawson's mic stand is wrapped in Christmas lights, which is very festive this time of year.

Speaking of festive, the trio is playing a video release party at The Crown this Saturday with :3lON, Normaling, Space Dinosaur, and Bond St. District. The last one is particularly noteworthy, because producer Paul Hutson is the one who filmed the video for 'Features.' Just as important: Isaac Ewart, who did the editing and animations for the clip, will be manning video projections at the show, meaning it will be a delight for the eyes as well as the ears. Watch the video below:

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