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Premiere: Listen to Pale Spring's new single 'Suffer Soft'

Pale Spring's new single 'Suffer Soft,' off the upcoming self-released "EP 2," opens with a fuzzy, melodic sigh that repeats underneath the rest of the song as a beat, with distorted drums and guitars that layer over it. Emily Wenker's haunting voice describes a "serpent of spite/ my guide" in the chorus, a rhyme that slinks and lingers. The song seems to wrap up, altogether, joy and pain and melancholy. Wenker's voice is entrancing and almost labyrinthine as it weaves in and out of the synth sounds and guitars that build up and swell and then, all of a sudden, they just end.

Wenker, who has collaborated with local artists including Drew Scott (who mixed and mastered this EP) and Joy Postell, handled all the instruments, vocals, and production on the album, which comes out this summer. Her last EP, released in December, explores Dante Alighieri's three stages of the afterlife: the EP's three songs 'Inferno,' 'Purgatorio,' and 'Paradiso' find their way to approximate the mood of each place. 'Inferno' feels bleak, cold, and dramatic, while 'Purgatorio' is more lifelike, more awake, but with this glitched-out, repetitive piano tinkling that drags us along for much of the song. On 'Paradiso,' Wenker's voice features more prominently than the other two tracks; there's some clarity but still a shroud over it, a sort of rainy mood and confusion that recalls a slightly less sleepy Grouper or a more bummed out Julia Holter.

Listen to Pale Spring's single 'Suffer Soft' below.

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