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Premiere: Listen to the first single from Warmest Regards, a new project from Blacksage and producer Owen Ross

Blacksage won us over from the start with their staggering darkwave beats and seductive vocals, and they've become more dynamic with their sound over the course of three albums. Now, singer Josephine Olivia and producer Drew Scott are stretching their legs with a new project, Warmest Regards, that brings producer Owen Ross into the fold.

Previously, Ross, previously based in New York but now working out of Berlin, remixed the Blacksage track 'Pillow Talk' into more of a guitar-plucked pop-R&B ballad. On first single 'Shelter,' though, the group shows a knack for danceable electronic music with a chittering beat, club-ready bass, and a bit of a pop sheen. 'Shelter is the first track off the group's debut EP, which is out now. Listen below.

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