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Premiere: Listen to Moss of Aura's remix of Blacksage's 'Sight See'

City Paper wrote about 'Sight See,' one of the tracks off Blacksage's excellent 2016 album "Shivers," twice last year. In his singles column, Brandon Soderberg referred to it as "some spooky disco by way of Ghost Town DJ's' 'My Boo' and I don't know, maybe like Fergie's 'Glamourous,' is just uptempo enough" and said that Josephine Olivia's vocal "sits dead center in a venn diagram labelled 'dead inside vocalist' with Rihanna on one side and Kraftwerk's Ralf Hütter on the other."

Yours truly called it "one of the bounciest songs you’ll hear about kink-exploring this side of Prince."

Moss of Aura, aka Gerrit Welmers of Future Islands, has remixed the track (stylized here as 'Sightsee') to give it more of a chilled-out vibe. But it also sounds triumphant and life-affirming, like a synth-y movie soundtrack that kicks in when the protagonist has finally reached the mountaintop. Which makes this remix pretty sex positive. Listen below.

Olivia and producer Drew Scott are down in North Carolina for Hopscotch music festival, as is Future Islands.

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