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Premiere: Listen to a new track from Benny Boeldt

After last releasing an album under the moniker Adventure in 2013, Benny Boeldt is putting out new music under his own name. The sound on 'Tea,' the first single off the forthcoming "8 of Cups," doesn't make it hard to figure out why.

Previous Adventure tracks such as 'Feels Like Heaven' and 'Happiness' dabbled in synth-y '80s homages and chiptune. This sound collage is far more avant-garde, stacking sounds and samples and shirking pop conventions.

Boeldt gathered hundreds of samples from old VHS tapes, everything from horror and sci-fi films to instructional videos. He'd then compose by using MIDI keyboard and altering the samples in various filters.

According to his label Carpark Records, the name of the album comes from the tarot card of the same name, which "embodies the start of a new journey, a transition, growing apart, and accepting one’s faults to move on."

"8 of Cups" is due out Jan. 29 on Carpark, the home for Boeldt's three records as Adventure.

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