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Premiere: Hear the first track from 'Luvadocious,' a collaboration between Al Rogers Jr. and Drew Scott

You know Al Rogers Jr. from his R&B and soul-tinged hip-hop, and you know Drew Scott for his murky beats in goth-y electro-pop outfit Blacksage and solo dark wave rap.

Together, they've crafted the album "Luvadocious," the concept for which Rogers says is a "world I made up where people believe God to be a woman and love isn’t feared. Godina (God) is narrating the entire project voiced by radio personality Ladawn Black. It’s a album speaking on triumphs, falling in love, heart breaks, struggles, family, and faith. I wanted it to feel like God is talking to you and guiding you through my music."

First single 'waitin (alldamnday),' which you can stream below, merges both artists' strong suits into fuzzed-out, electro-soul ode to waiting for your lover to return home so you can get some. "Luvadocious" is due out Nov. 13.

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