Legendary dance club Paradox will close next year

Paradox, the South Baltimore dance club that became a nexus of the Baltimore club scene for more than two decades, will close its doors sometime next year, according to a Facebook post by founder Wayne Davis.

The club, which opened in 1991, thrived in Baltimore club's heyday and managed to endure over the years while other venues of its kind closed their doors.

The post announcing the closure says it was Davis' goal to reach the 25-year mark, "overcoming the mercurial and ever changing dynamics of the entertainment business."

"With his dream fulfilled," it goes on to say, "Wayne would like to inform the Paradox family that mid-2016 (exact date to be announced) the doors of his storied nightclub will close forever."

Paradox's spacious warehouse interior and booming sound system made it a haven for dance-music enthusiasts and one of the best late-night party spots in the city. The fact that it was 18+ and didn't serve alcohol meant many parties went late into the morning, sometimes until 6 a.m.

In a 2008 City Paper piece, excerpted on a website associated with the club, Davis recalled Paradox's origins:

"When we initially opened [Paradox] the format for our music was predominantly house music. That’s where I came from. We had a pretty diverse crowd at that time–the numbers probably started out in the lower hundreds and they grew. We had a promoter that did a party called Orbit, which was a very diverse party–gay, white, straight. The largest crowd we ever had was one of the Fever parties, which Orbit evolved into. It was a large crowd–I won't give away any occupancy. Exceeded 1,000. Saturday was our diverse gay and straight night. It was a melting pot at that point . . .

"I like when the crowds come together for just the party–the music, the party itself–when they don't bring in any of their hang-ups or their baggage or anything. Everybody enjoys the party. Those are the ones that I enjoy the most. Now, when I have my birthday parties, those are the ones that I enjoy. That brings out the old crowd. They kind of think of it as a reunion."

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