No Google or Lady Gaga, but Light City is indeed a thing

While they did not land Lady Gaga or the ghost of Joe Cocker to perform, or Google to sponsor, as was prophesied in an early draft of a pamphlet, Light City is going full steam ahead, with 29 light installations, concerts, performances, a conference, and a 1.2-mile ArtWalk planned for March 28-April 3.

The first slate of entertainment is filled with names you'll recognize from these pages and pixels, including Dan Deacon, Baltimore Rock Opera Society, Luminous Intervention, Paul Rucker, Robby Rackleff, Fluid Movement, and Single Carrot Theatre.

Light City U, the tech-y conference component, will run for six days and "aims to be a catalyst for change by bringing together business innovators, thought-leaders and change-makers to explore the latest technologies and creative practices that can lead to a more responsible and equitable society," according to a press release. It comes to you courtesy of BGE: Sustainability Track and Kaiser Permanente: Health Innovation Track.

So if this proposed BGE rate hike goes through, that really means the conference, in effect, comes from you. Correction: Valencia A. McClure, director of communications and coporate relations for BGE, tells City Paper "All of BGE's charitable dollars are funded by shareholders and not from our customers." City Paper regrets the error.

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