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Matmos releases new video for excerpt of forthcoming 'Ultimate Care II'

Electronic duo Matmos has released excerpt five from forthcoming album "Ultimate Care II," made entirely using sounds that came from Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt's home washing machine. This new, six-and-a-half-minute snippet comes with a video, pieced together using lots of vintage footage from old washer and detergent commercials and stop-motion clips of Daniel and Schmidt modeling the titular washer (and climbing in it). Note the cardboard cut-out of Martin Luther behind the machine. Repeated images of gooey detergent and kaleidoscopic clips of hands turning knobs create a nice psychedelic effect.

Compared with the previously released excerpt, this bit of audio, with its pounding rhythms, squeaks, and squiggles, feels a bit more tense and frantic, like the wash cycle has the machine hopping in place and there's something banging around inside.

The album, which includes guest appearances by Dan Deacon, Jason Willett, and members of Horse Lords, is due out Feb. 19 on Thrill Jockey. Watch the video and listen to the new excerpt below:

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