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Lor Scoota's murder case has been closed; final mixtape "Live From The A" now streaming

Lor Scoota's murder case has been closed, the Baltimore Sun reported earlier this month, after the prime suspect, Cortez Mitchell, was shot and killed himself in October. 

The Sun's Justin Fenton reported this in an April 18 story, "Baltimore homicide closure rate near 50 percent, but figure is complicated," noting that it was closed back in February. We mentioned it in this week's Murder Ink based on Fenton's reporting, but it seems as though this fairly big news hasn't gotten around.

Following Scoota shooting in June, the Baltimore Police made a concerted effort to call attention to the shooting and to ask for cooperation from the community and got back what they said was a very large amount of tips and information. And during those press conferences, Scoota was framed as someone very much getting his life together and someone who meant a great deal to the city, all of which was covered in CP's cover story, "King Me: The Life, Death, and Lionization of Lor Scoota."

Following the reveal by Bloomberg News of a surveillance plane flying over Baltimore, recording everything, in part so that the footage could be used to solve murders, it was noted by the BPD that the surveillance plane just missed recording Scoota's shooting because the plane was flying over West Baltimore at the time.

There was no large public announcement of Scoota's case being closed the way there was by the police when they were looking for information. Additionally, at the time of prime suspect Mitchell's murder, BPD's T.J. Smith said Mitchell was among "several" persons of interest. In August, less than two months after Scoota's murder, it was announced that Avery Walton had been arrested as a person of interest. Walton, the police said, was arrested two days after Scoota's murder and had the murder weapon on him, but he was not more directly linked to the murder.

City Paper reached out to the BPD with more information about closing Scoota's case and are still awaiting additional information on the investigation.

For those interested in Scoota's music, his posthumous mixtape, "Live From the A," which was released in Baltimore on Scoota's birthday, April 13, is now available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

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