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Listen to 'Thursday (R.I.P. The Bell Foundry)' featuring a boatload of local rappers

After it was closed by the city, the Bell Foundry was eulogized as a place that fostered collaboration for artists while offering a fairly cheap place to create.

Now, we have a track featuring a slew of rappers who kept a space there—and some who didn't—on a 9-minute track, produced by Toyomansi (aka Dylan of the former Lllamadon Collective) that was recorded last year at the Bell and is now being released in tribute to the space. Here's a rundown of all the artists who laid down verses or vocal parts in that 9-minute window: Butch Dawson, Freaky, Nyoka Ny-D, Ryan Proficient, :3lON, Urban Shaman, Gzy.wav, Hemlock Ernst, Joy Postell. That's one helluva lineup.

While perhaps not an explicit tribute to the Bell beyond the name and some nods to the Llamadon parties that took place there, several lines in the track touch on the just-getting-by struggles young artists often face. And it all ends with a condemnation of the whole damn system as Joy Postell sings "Oh, I'mma call the revolution/ Hey, 'cause they're out here and they're shooting/ It's Thursday the po-lice just got away with murder." Listen below.

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