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Listen to the 83 Cutlass track featuring Sam from Future Islands and Josephine from Blacksage

When people talk about the spirit of collaboration that permeates the city's music scene, this is what they're talking about. Here you've got a track, 'Wicked Kingdom,' from local rapper 83 Cutlass, with Sam Herring from Future Islands dropping a verse (as rap alter ego Hemlock Ernst) and Josephine Olivia from Blacksage supplying an ethereal vocal melody.

That's not all. The art for the Psychic Death-produced track comes with a cover design from street artist Mini Baby.

Opening with the line "woke the fuck up with suicide on my mind" and scenes of 40s selling so quickly they can't keep cold and people on the street strung out on methadone, 'Wicked Kingdom' demonstrates 83's gift for weaving the harsh realities of his own life into his lyrics. Stream the track below.

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