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Listen to Mighty Mark and Tate Kobang's 'Bmore Up In This'

To celebrate Mighty Mark's involvement in Space is the Place Records—home to ambitious club producers such as Hi$to and Normaling—the Baltimore club producer releases, 'Bmore Up In This,' a track featuring Baltimore's great rap hope of right now, Tate Kobang. The track, which piles the usual club sounds on top of swooping strings also includes large portions of Blaqstarr's 'Hands Up, Thumbs Down,' shout outs to Miss Tony and K-Swift and a Robin Leach "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"-esque outro for some reason?

Over email, Mark detailed the creation of the track which began as something Kobang had produced himself about two years ago. "He had a verse and a hook called "Shordy On The Bus Stop" and a basic club beat, "something sparse If I remember," Mark writes over email. "The drum pattern was kinda like the one on the club classic 'Hey You Knuckleheads'" Mark grabbed what he wanted from Kobang's vocals, focusing in on that "Baltimore up in this bitch" line, which he says, "had anthem all over it," and began messing with the track. For serious Mighty Mark fans, you might recognize the track, in a slightly different format, from Mark's Boiler Room set, but this is the first time it has been properly available.

Mighty Mark has been loosely tied to Space is the Place Records but now takes an A&R position at the label which means he'll be responsible for finding new talent. Mark has lofty plans for the label. "Hopefully with my help," Mark wrote over email to City Paper, "Space Is The Place can become like a new Unruly for the new school."

Listen to 'Bmore Up In This' by Mighty Mark, featuring Tate Kobang below.

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