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Listen to 'Ascetic,' a new ripper from local punks Birth (Defects)

When not releasing awesome records and advocating for accessibility in music venues, Sean Gray fronts the screeching punk band Birth (Defects). The four-piece, rounded out by guitarist Rob Savillo, bassist Chris Morawski (Ian Graham played on the record), and drummer Erik Wisler, has a new 7-inch due out on Reptilian Records on Dec. 11, and rather than slowly squeal in your ear canal, like their 2014 split cassette, A-side 'Ascetic' straight-up rips.

Per the band's bio, you will "like them if you like Killdozer, and other such comic inversions of masculinity." Gray joked to me that he was hoping for an Alice In Chains reference, but hell if those guitars don't sound Jerry Cantrell-esque. Listen below. If you're a regular reader of this paper, you'll recognize the cover art pictured as the work of local artist/musician/professor Terence Hannum.

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