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Listen to Abdu Ali and Dan Deacon's 'Liberate Yaself'

Abdu Ali and Dan Deacon are two of the music scene's greatest advocates, whether it be helping to curate festivals and music series (Whartscape and Kahlon especially) or repping for other artists in the city. So it's only fitting they do a track together. Noisey premiered 'Liberate Yaself,' a thumping track that starts out with clanging drum machines and ends with serene keys as Ali repeats "I'ma rage, I'ma rage." Unsurprisingly, it's great—an ecstatic anthem of independence and autonomy.

In a joint interview with Noisey, Ali and Deacon talk about their working relationship as well as the city's response to the closing of the Bell Foundry. Regarding the song, Ali released this statement: ""I imagine on some Sense 8 shit, my people who feel like me, my cluster listening to this song as they are in their darkest moments, which are not rare, moments that happen casually everyday, all day, and with this song they conjure the strength to not only survive but to conquer and to shit on the daily shades of life that spits on our existence. I walk in the shadow in the valleys of death...yet I am still a boss bitch, the boss bitch at that. Liberate Yaself ."

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