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James Nasty made a mix for the Best Of Baltimore party, encourages attendees to wear gray if they too are not happy about readers' poll results

As you may have noticed, our Best Of Baltimore issue is out now. We spent a long time getting it together, and we are sure as hell ready to party at Baltimore Soundstage tomorrow night. James Nasty (who won this year's award for Best Club Song) is going to be DJing, and he created a playlist of great Baltimore music for the occasion. You can stream it below.

But first, we want to touch on the controversy surrounding the Readers' Poll, in which Freddie Gray was voted the Local Issue You're Sick Of by the readers. We addressed this in the introduction to the issue—this result does not reflect the views of the staff and the category is something we are going to reconsider. To counter the notion that people are sick of Freddie Gray, Nasty suggested on his Facebook that attendees wear gray to "show that you are still interested in discussing Freddie Gray's tragic death and the state of police brutality in our city." This is something we're behind, so if you're attending tomorrow, wear gray.

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