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In Wye Oak news: A remix EP and show with the BSO

Back in April, local duo Wye Oak released a deluxe version of "Shriek" that included remixes from Moss of Aura and Matmos. If you already had a copy of the album and didn't want to buy it again or were hard up for cash, you'll be happy to hear the "Shriek Remixes" EP will be available as a digital standalone on July 31. Just to give a taste, here's DJ Keith Sweaty's reworking of 'Glory,' which boasts a bubbly beat and singer Jenn Wasner's voice lowered to a Cher-like level.

Fans will almost certainly hear a less clubby performance of the song on Nov. 12, when the band plays at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. The show is part of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's indie-rock-inspired Pulse series, which features individual performances by the orchestra and featured band, as well as a collaboration between the two.

In a press release, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Andy Stack went into greater detail about what attendees can expect to hear:

"We're thrilled to be presenting these orchestral collaborations to our hometown friends at the Meyerhoff. We've been working on this material for over a year in conjunction with New York-based composers William Brittelle and Michi Wiancko. The show includes some very adventurous orchestral deconstructions of material from 'Shriek' as well as the premiere of new compositions which will feature performances by Jenn Wasner and myself."

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