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Here's a 10-minute loop of anchorwoman Denise Koch saying 'The Ottobar'

little blog we wrote about songs from local noise pop band Wildhoney accidentally being pressed onto Lana Del Rey records has gotten a lot of play. Billboard, NME, and Stereogum are just a few of the major music outlets that have picked it up.

But we have to say we were pretty surprised when the local CBS affiliate WJZ decided to do a piece on it.

Reporter Mike Schuh talked with talked with members Alan Everhart and Zach Inscho about the mix-up and marveled at how "all of their four records have been pressed into old-fashioned vinyl." The piece also featured all the members of Wildhoney on individual baseball cards.

What we thought was really great, though, was the way they cut back to anchorwoman Denise Koch, a legend in local broadcasting whom we recently named Best Anchor, and she teased the band's upcoming show at the Ottobar.

We so enjoyed the inflection with which Koch said the rock club's name that we asked our friend, filmmaker Corey Schuler, to put it on a 10-minute loop. Enjoy!

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