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Hear 'Games,' the new James Nasty song featuring Abdu Ali

James Nasty has produced a couple of songs for rapper Abdu Ali, and now Ali is returning the favor with his appearance on the new Nasty track 'Games.'

This comes in the form of Ali saying "Games ain't my thing, I wanna fuck," a line Nasty sometimes twists and manipulates over a delightfully pumped-up beat. Oh, and a sample of Ali saying "Don't you want to taste these nuts?" is thrown in a few times for good measure.

Thump, Vice's dance-music site, which premiered the track, has an interview with Nasty, in which the club producer says, "I'm looking for a balance between staying true to what I call the '410 Formula' for Baltimore club, and trying to take it in a more tropical and ambient direction. I don't want to make traditional club records with Lil Jon 'what' samples and gunshots." You can definitely hear that on 'Games' with the synth-y notes floating above the bumping bass. Listen to the track below.

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